The PRECOLUMBIAN Team is primarily composed of 4 members.  Art provides the crypto related skills and experience.  Yuh is well established within the street art community.  Apitatan is the artist that created the mural itself.  Fabian is the owner of the building and venue where the mural is located.


Art has a technical background in the mechanical engineering field.  Outside of the blockchain space, he works with a Machine Learning lab in Florida, where he provides mechanical engineerign support for various projects.  He has been an active member of the crypto community since 2013, and has been a journalist covering the industry since 2016.


Yuh is a native miami artist.  He is active with mediums including spray, industrial metal, plasma/welding etc.  In addition, he is also active in the finance industry as well.  Yuh operates as an independent sponsor within the private banking sector and capital raise spectrum. Crypto assets and crypto base financial solutions expert with proficiency in mass adoption programmatic retention.


Apitatán is an artist who paints everyday stories.  Publicist by mistake, an artist by conviction and a true creative by nature.  Apitatán leaves a graphic trail wherever he walks, paying tribute to the beauty of simplicity.  With vibrant colours influenced by Andean textures and Ecuadorian landscapes, he has narrated his experiences and personal visions through his murals found in Latin America, the USA and Europe.


Fabian ...