PRECOLUMBIAN is a Token of Artistic Expression on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Token Launch Party during Blockchian Week Miami.

Sunday January 19th at 10:00pm

Esquina de Abuela
2705 NW 22nd Ave
Miami, FL 33142

PRECOLUMBIAN is a Token of Artistic Expression on the BITCOIN Blockchain, using the Counterparty layer-two protocol. This token represents the Precolumbian graffiti mural by the Ecuadorian artist, Apitatán. The mural is located at Esquina de Abuela, which is a historic Miami venue for musical performances and world-class street art.

This token has been endorsed by both the artist himself, as well as the building owner. Proceeds from the token sale will go towards supporting the artist, token developers, and the Esquina de Abuela venue, so that it can continue to serve the artistic community that comes to Miami from around the world.

The cost of each PRECOLUMBIAN token has been set at .0015 BTC. PRECOLUMBIAN is a digital rare collectible. Multiple PRECOLUMBIAN tokens may also be purchased in order to be redeemed through proof-of-burn for special edition tokens.
10 Tokens - PRECOLUMBIAN.rare
100 Tokens - PRECOLUMBIAN.veryrare
1000 Tokens - PRECOLUMBIAN.megarare
10000 Tokens - PRECOLUMBIAN.ultrarare

PRECOLUMBIAN tokens may be purchased by sending BTC payment to: